Founded in 2020 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), Pastoralist Peoples’ Initiative (PPI) transitioned into a registered charity in 2023. Since its inception, PPI has been dedicated to empowering and supporting indigenous pastoralist communities in Kenya. We recognize the vital role these communities play in stewarding vast landscapes, preserving unique knowledge systems, and adapting to complex challenges like climate change.

 PPI is a member of the Pastoralist Alliance for Resilience and Adaptation Across Nations (PARAAN), Grassroots Justice Network, and Indigenous Women Council (IWC)

Our Vision

A world where indigenous pastoralist communities thrive, empowered by resilient practices, knowledge sovereignty, and self-determined futures.

Our Mission

To amplify the voices of pastoralist women and leaders, championing their ancestral knowledge and fostering self-reliant communities capable of navigating contemporary challenges with dignity and cultural resilience.

Climate change may threaten the landscape, but the spirit of the pastoralist remains untamed. In the face of uncertainty, their knowledge sings a defiant song, a ballad of resilience echoing through the ages


Core Values

  1. Community Stewardship
  2. Empowerment Through Equity
  3. Holistic Approach
  4. Respect for Indigenous Knowledge and Culture
  5. Innovation with Tradition
  6. Professionalism

Key Thematic Areas

  1. Empowering Pastoralist Women – We promote leadership development, economic independence, and gender-inclusive policies.
  2. Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Resilience – Documenting and revitalizing traditional ecological knowledge for sustainable land management and climate adaptation.
  3. Human Rights Advocacy – Standing for the fundamental rights of pastoralist communities to land, water, self-determination, and a life with dignity.
  4. Climate Change Adaptation We build community-based resilience through disaster preparedness, early warning systems, and sustainable practices.
  5. Empowering Grassroots Organizations- Strengthening the capacity of local organizations to serve their communities effectively.
  6. Emergency Response and Humanitarian Support – We provide timely and targeted assistance during times of crisis.